My beautiful Mormon 12 (almost 13) year old child, Ashlie Mae O’Brien, who I have raised since her birth, has been ripped away from my family by Arlington County Virginia. Our being Mormon is one of the major reasons the government of Arlington Virginia is intent on destroying her Mormon family and making sure she does not return to us. I have done everything they asked me to do to get her back, but they refuse. They have mocked her Mormon religion, refused to let her go to Mormon church, refused to allow my Bishop take temporary custody of her, placed her with nonMormon families, and they would not allow Mormon missionaries or the Bishop to visit her.

They have also cut off all communications between her and her family not even allowing a supervised telephone call. Clear attempts to indoctrinate her and alienate her from her family. She was a good student. She is a good and decent girl, loved by all, and we are all heartbroken. She has not done

anything wrong to deserve this mistreatment and destruction. Our family has a long Mormon heritage including my brother, Danny Craft of West Virginia, and my cousin Jack Anderson, the well known reporter/columnist. Richard Mariott was my Bishop in the Potomac Ward, Montgomery County Maryland

Ashlie needs everyone’s prayers and support to get her back. Please find out more and how our brothers and sisters can help with this tragic situation at Arlington Parent News Please speak out.

Please pray for her on this and every Sunday, and speak to your fellow church members to make them aware of this terrible situation. We are running out of time. If we stand together and voice our concern with this situation, and pray, I believe Heavenly Father will return her to us.

 Please help in any way you can Please contact me if you wish to know more information and/or can offer any help. Sister O’Brien 2404836456; dobrienh [at ]